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The 5 best vegan restaurants in Hanoi

Are you a vegetarian looking for vegan restaurants in Hanoi? This article is just for you. I don’t know why you’re vegetarian. Maybe you’re a vegetarian because of your religion, because you think being a vegetarian is healthy, or you simply don’t like eating meat. Vietnamese people too, there are many vegetarians for many different reasons. Therefore, in Hanoi where I live, there are also …


The best destinations for family trip in Vietnam

I don’t have much experience in solo travel. Almost every trips I have is with my family and friends. Have you ever wondered if Vietnam is a good country for traveling with kids or what you and your family can explore together about the culture, scenic spots and cuisine in Vietnam? Where to go for a family travel in order to be both meaningful and …

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The best coffee and cafes in Hanoi that you will probably love

Coffee is one of the specialties of Hanoi. I have never tried drinking coffee anywhere in the world except Vietnam. But I heard that Vietnamese coffee is rated as one of the best coffee in the world. So today I am going to write about coffee in Vietnam and the best cafes in Hanoi where I think the coffee is the best. The favorite types …

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Places to have great photoshoots for day trips in Hanoi

If you are planning to visit Hanoi but still wondering where to have great photoshoots, this post is for you. As a girl born and raised in Hanoi, I will introduce you to places that I think are beautiful and wonderful to take pictures for day trips in Hanoi. 1. Hanoi Walking streets around Hoan Kiem Lake The walking streets had been set up around …

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6 things you may not know about Hanoi Walking Streets

Hanoi walking streets have been closed to prevent the spread of Coronavirus for a year. But now we are happy to say that the walking streets are coming back. If you are planning to travel to Hanoi, this is one of the places that I recommend to explore.Now let’s take a look at these walking streets – a feature of Hanoi Old Quarter. What is …

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