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Vietnam motorbike tours – places to visit

Traveling by motorbike is one of the popular travel experiences in Vietnam. Vietnam has many places to visit if you travel by motorbike, in which you will feel more interesting than traveling by other means of transport. That’s the reason why today I decide to write about Vietnam motorbike tours – places to visit. There are many reasons for Vietnamese people, especially young people, to …

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Traveling to Vietnam – 5 amazing places to take photos you may not know

I know that everyone has different tastes in photography. There are people who like to take pictures of mountains and forests, there are people who like to take pictures in the sea, there are people who like to take pictures in caves. Such places are available in Vietnam, and they are quite unique. Therefore, I will list the most beautiful places to take photos when …

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Ha Giang loop tour makes me overcome my fears and love Vietnam more

Actually, I’m not a good writer, and I’m not the one to easily express my feelings. For these words I write, I probably just want to confide in the most sincere way about my feelings after the Ha Giang loop tour last year. I’m not a person who travels much more or farther than anyone, that’s for sure because I’ve always lived in Hanoi so …


Ha Giang loop tour for 4 days 3 night

It’s been a year I have not traveled anywhere because of the pandemic explosion everywhere in Vietnam. Today I think I need to remind myself of the journey to the Northern Vietnam besides Moc Chau: Ha Giang loop tour. And yeah traveling to Ha Giang will be my first post of this blog. Ha Giang is in the Northeast region of Vietnam sharing a 270 km …

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