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Places to have great photoshoots for day trips in Hanoi

If you are planning to visit Hanoi but still wondering where to have great photoshoots, this post is for you. As a girl born and raised in Hanoi, I will introduce you to places that I think are beautiful and wonderful to take pictures for day trips in Hanoi. 1. Hanoi Walking streets around Hoan Kiem Lake The walking streets had been set up around …

Gossips Travel

Ha Giang loop tour makes me overcome my fears and love Vietnam more

Actually, I’m not a good writer, and I’m not the one to easily express my feelings. For these words I write, I probably just want to confide in the most sincere way about my feelings after the Ha Giang loop tour last year. I’m not a person who travels much more or farther than anyone, that’s for sure because I’ve always lived in Hanoi so …

Hanoi Travel

6 things you may not know about Hanoi Walking Streets

Hanoi walking streets have been closed to prevent the spread of Coronavirus for a year. But now we are happy to say that the walking streets are coming back. If you are planning to travel to Hanoi, this is one of the places that I recommend to explore.Now let’s take a look at these walking streets – a feature of Hanoi Old Quarter. What is …


Top 5 places to visit in Moc Chau – Vietnam

If you are planning to travel to Vietnam, especially Northern Vietnam with the high mountains, I recommend Moc Chau Plateau besides Ha Giang as I have also written about. Traveling to Moc Chau is quite interesting that I have come here even two times in a year. And below is my top 5 places to visit in Moc Chau. Moc Chau is a district belonging …


Places to visit in Quy Nhon and Phu Yen – Vietnam

Last time I have introduced to you one of the most beautiful mountain places to visit when traveling Vietnam, you can check here. Today, my post will be about beach traveling – places to visit in Quy Nhon. Quy Nhon is a coastal city in Binh Dinh Province in central Vietnam, the hometown of our great and beloved king – Quang Trung (1753 – 1792). …


Ha Giang loop tour for 4 days 3 night

It’s been a year I have not traveled anywhere because of the pandemic explosion everywhere in Vietnam. Today I think I need to remind myself of the journey to the Northern Vietnam besides Moc Chau: Ha Giang loop tour. And yeah traveling to Ha Giang will be my first post of this blog. Ha Giang is in the Northeast region of Vietnam sharing a 270 km …

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