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Transportation guide for traveling in Vietnam

Have you ever wonder what means of transport we should use to travel in the new destinations? I think all of us have once. Each country, each region has different traffic habits and cultures. Therefore, today I will introduce all about transportation guide when traveling in Vietnam. Usually when you land at the airport, you will probably hire a taxi to the hotel, right? You …

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Weather in Vietnam and when to visit

I recently joined Vietnam travel groups on Facebook to learn more about tourist destinations as well as read people’s questions when learning about Vietnam. One of the issues that I see people asking the most is the weather in Vietnam. I myself, like you, before going anywhere, always go online to find out about the weather in that place. So today I will write everything …

Travel tips

Going to the beach in Vietnam – What a girl should bring

Summer is coming and I’m sure that everyone wants to go to the beach in the summer. If you are a girl planning to go to the beach in Vietnam, this is the blog for you. I have written about the most beautiful beaches to visit in Vietnam. And now, let’s take a look at what we should bring for traveling! Everything related to sun …

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Traveling to Vietnam – 5 amazing places to take photos you may not know

I know that everyone has different tastes in photography. There are people who like to take pictures of mountains and forests, there are people who like to take pictures in the sea, there are people who like to take pictures in caves. Such places are available in Vietnam, and they are quite unique. Therefore, I will list the most beautiful places to take photos when …

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The most beautiful beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam owns 3,260 km of coastline and many beautiful archipelagos. The diverse beaches can satisfy all visitors, from those who love the excitement with sea sports or those who love the wild. That’s the reason why I decided to write a post about the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, in my opinion. 1. Ha Long Bay Ha Long Bay – World natural heritage recognized by …

Travel tips

Overview about airlines in Vietnam

If you are planning to travel to many different destinations of Vietnam by plane, this post may give you overview and information about the airlines in Vietnam. Almost every detail information about the airlines have been published on their website. However, there may be something you haven’t known about them all. 1. Vietnam Airlines Vietnam Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in Vietnam. …

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