Are you a vegetarian looking for vegan restaurants in Hanoi? This article is just for you.

I don’t know why you’re vegetarian. Maybe you’re a vegetarian because of your religion, because you think being a vegetarian is healthy, or you simply don’t like eating meat. Vietnamese people too, there are many vegetarians for many different reasons. Therefore, in Hanoi where I live, there are also many vegan restaurants to serve vegetarians.

Although I am not a vegetarian, I am a food enthusiast. Therefore, my friends and I often go to vegan restaurants to enjoy vegetarian dishes during times when we are tired of eating meat. And here are the top best vegan restaurants in Hanoi that I have ever experienced.

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1. Chay Vi Lai

When it comes to vegan restaurants in Hanoi that must be tried, Vi Lai is one of the top restaurants. Coming to Vi Lai Vegetarian, you will not only enjoy delicious food but also be impressed by the charming landscape of the restaurant, by trees, and murmuring water, creating a feeling of being lost in a fairyland.

The space inside the Vi Lai Vegetarian is extremely cozy and specially designed with different meanings. This is a vegan Hanoi restaurant with a separate name for each floor, each floor creating a different feeling. At Vi Lai Vegetarian, there are all 5 floors:

The first floor is called Ly Ngu Vong Nguyet and Hy Duc Dang Mai.

The 2nd floor is decorated with brilliant flamingos with a very flying name: Flamingos fly back.

The 3rd floor is somewhat quieter, the design is minimal, but no less luxurious. This floor is called by the name of each season: Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter – Spring.

To the 4th floor, seating is divided into separate rooms, creating a private space for customers. Besides, you will be impressed with the knowledge-oriented design with the name: Wisdom Book Page & Mandala.

The 5th level is called the enlightenment stage.

In addition to the impressive space, the vegetarian dishes in Vi Lai will surely make you fall in love. Because the dishes are made from natural, fresh and nutritious ingredients. Vegan dishes are skillfully processed by Vi Lai into special flavors, guaranteed to be unmistakable. The dishes are mainly made from mushrooms, vegetables, tofu… The restaurant menu is diverse and suitable for those who love the traditional Vietnamese taste.

Address: 67 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi (between the Museum of the Ministry of Public Security and the Cuban Embassy)

Phone: 085 353 5656

Average price: 200,000 – 300,000 VND/person

2. Sadhu Vegan Restaurant

Coming to Sahu, you will experience an open space that is not fussy but extremely luxurious, bearing the spirit of Buddhism. In Sadhu, there are decorated with large and small Buddha statues, creating a feeling of purity, peace and patting.

Sadhu also brings the art and meaning of vegetarian cuisine to diners. Delicate, frugal, full of nutrition dishes are created by dedicated chefs with “healthy” flavors such as: Soup of nuggets, salad, Indian Tofu with golden crust, crispy and crispy. Sweet sauce from Indian tea fruit, nutritious for 4 seasons, or a frugal and cool appetizer of waffles along with the main menu such as: spring rolls, sticky rice, lotus and turmeric fried rice, Thuy willow mushroom porridge, 5 kinds of mushrooms… I think they are all great.

The food here is quite satisfying to me. I can also feel the traditional features of Vietnam from the space to the food. I used to come here for dinner with my family and we had a nice, happy and peaceful meal.

Address: 87 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: about 300,000 VND/person

3. Uu Dam Chay

Udum Chay is a transliteration of Udumbara (Sanskrit), which means “sacred flower that brings good omens from heaven”. This is a Hanoi vegan restaurant with a large open space. The shop also has an extremely cozy outdoor and indoor space with shimmering yellow lights.

Uu Dam Chay has a diverse menu from starters, main dishes, hot pot, desserts, drinks and Uu Dam banh chung. Each dish and drink offered by Uu Dam Chay restaurant is the quintessence of nature and the chef’s sincerity. Each diners who visit the restaurant will be respected like the Udumbara flower in Buddhists (A flower that only comes out once every three thousand years, a sacred flower that brings good omens from heaven – according to legend).

Address: 34 Hang Bai, Hanoi.

Phone: 098 134 9898

Price: about 300,000 VND/person

4. Vegan Buffet Huong Thien

Huong Thien restaurant is famous for its long-experienced chefs. The restaurant upholds the “healthy – clean” criterion for diners.
One of the extremely impressive points of a delicious vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi – Huong Thien Vegetarian Buffet is the “healthy” criterion of food.
The dishes here have a very delicate blend of traditional Eastern and Western cultures. The menu is diverse, with more than 70 vegan dishes, beautifully decorated. Customers are free to choose their favorite vegetarian dishes. However, when coming to Huong Thien Chay, you must definitely try: Chicken thigh mushrooms, vegetable spring rolls, lotus root salad, lotus leaf rice… These are must-try dishes not to be missed!
Address: No. 261 Xa Dan, Dong Da District, Hanoi.
Phone: 0915 558 468
Price: 100,000 VND – 150,000 VND/person

5. Veggie Buffet Chain – Vegan buffet only 70,000 VND

A special feature of the Veggie Vegan Buffet restaurant chain is the space with a liberal, nomadic “Bohemian” style. Because of capturing the love of Hanoi residents, Veggie vegetarian restaurant is growing more and more.

Besides, the menu at Veggie Castle is also very diverse and unique. The price is very favorable and suitable for many people.

Veggie Castle buffet menu not only owns familiar vegetarian dishes such as boiled, stir-fried or souped vegetables … but also has countless creative vegetarian dishes such as: Cabbage rolls with tomato paste, brown rice seaweed rolls, Roasted Tofu,…

The last time I ate at this restaurant was 3-4 years ago. I remember back then being introduced by a friend. The food is pretty good and the space is nice. At that time, I was quite surprised because the price here was so cheap, because usually the price at vegan restaurants in Hanoi is quite expensive. Hopefully now the quality of the restaurant’s food is still as great as before.

Facility 1: Veggie Castle No. 7 Yen Ninh. Phone: 0866.911.741

Facility 2: Veggie Castle at 19 lane 275 Au Co. Phone: 02466.874.111

Price: 150,000 – 250,000 VND/person

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