I was wondering if I should share the travel blogs that inspire me. Because I wondered if anyone would be interested in this title, but then I decided to write about it anyway.

My blog can be said to be a blog sharing about what is related to traveling in Vietnam. I want to share with you about the beauty, culture and people of Vietnam. However, maybe I don’t have enough knowledge to tell everything about travel. Thus, this article was born. I think if you love travel and love Vietnam but can’t find what you’re looking for in my blog, the bloggers below may be able to help you. Their blogs have also motivated me to continue maintaining this blog.

So let’s start!

1. The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad – a solo travel blog

This is a solo female travel blog owned by Kiersten as she introduced. In this blog, you may find many travel tips and packing guides which are necessary for the girls who travel alone.

She has been to over 70 countries. I really admire to read that she has traveled alone through so many places. You know, a girl traveling alone is very easy to encounter dangers. I’m not brave enough to travel alone. But she really motivates me, especially I can learn a lot of knowledge and skills from her blog.

What makes me impressed about this blog is that the photos she took while traveling are so amazing that I wonder if I should learn how to take photographs. And luckily, her blog has a section called Solo travel photography tips. It is extremely useful.

If you are a girl who is planning to travel alone, or if you and your female friends want to travel together, this is definitely a blog that may help you a lot.

2. I am Aileen

I am Aileen – a Philippines travel blog

This is a solo female travel blog of Aileen Adalid from the Philippines featuring travel guides, resources, tips and video from all over the worlds. Aileen in this blog provides information about how to travel the world, about budget travel, luxury travel and how to make money online while traveling.

Although this blog is also about solo female travel like The Blonde Abroad, I feel like closer to Aileen because she is also an Asian like me. Recently, Asians are facing the problem of racism. Therefore, an Asian girl will face many difficulties when going abroad alone. Not to mention, I’m only 50 meters tall and weigh 42kg haha.

The items I read the most from this blog are about traveling to Asian countries and how to build a successful blog. This blog also has categories for budget travel and luxury travel, so you can easily find travel tips according to your needs.

3. Hand Luggage Only

Hand Luggage Only by two bloggers

Here is what the owner of this blog introduced:

Hand Luggage Only was born back in April 2014 on a surprisingly warm afternoon in Yaya’s college room at University of Cambridge. In what seemed like an oasis of calm between assignments, Yaya and Lloyd (that’s us!) were talking about sharing our travel stories and photos with others like-minded travellers on the internet. We’d already been doing this for a while and (almost competitively) sharing our stories on Facebook but what we really wanted was to connect with other travelers across the globe and have a two-way conversation about travel.

Yaya and Lloyd from Hand Luggage Only.

I follow them on Instagram and they are so cute, the photos they took are also lovely. One of the things I love about this blog is the articles they wrote about cuisine in everywhere they travel to. Food is actually one of the ways to touch the culture of any country. The food they wrote about, the restaurants they introduce or the experience they share are so helpful and interesting.

4. Misa Gjone

An Europe travel blog

This is the first travel blog I read, which also made me come up with the idea of building a travel blog. The blog is managed by Quyen – a Vietnamese travel blogger living in Norway. She writes about her experiences in traveling to Europe.

When I was a student, I needed to focus on studying in Vietnam so the opportunity for me to travel abroad was limited. So I had to travel online through reading from the travel bloggers on internet. And Misa Gjone was one of the first travel blog I read. Then I keep on reading from her until now.

In this blog, you can find tips in solo travel, travel with kids, travel with senior and budget travel. If you love traveling to somewhere else like Europe beside Vietnam, I think this blog may help you.

5. Expat of life

A travel blog run by a Vietnamese blogger

Expat of Life is a blog run by a Vietnamese travel blogger named Ha Truong. This blog is mainly about traveling to Asia, Europe, Australia and especially Vietnam.

Ha Truong has lived in 3 countries and traveled to 30 countries. She has experience in exploring street food, the local cultures, and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

She also writes not only about destinations but also writes in detail about transportation guide and how to get visa for traveling. For example, she instructs in detail about how go from Hanoi to Nha Trang by flight, train, and bus, including timetable, ticket prices, and tips.

Her knowledge and experience are what I need to learn when blogging. 

Finally, that’s me – Me from Hanoi. I hope that you can find in this blog the useful and interesting information about my country – Vietnam.

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