Summer is coming and I’m sure that everyone wants to go to the beach in the summer. If you are a girl planning to go to the beach in Vietnam, this is the blog for you. I have written about the most beautiful beaches to visit in Vietnam. And now, let’s take a look at what we should bring for traveling!

Everything related to sun and rain protection

We need the sun protection stuffs such as the sunscreen, umbrellas, beach hats, sunglasses…


Of course, when going to the beach, sunscreen is an indispensable item. In Vietnam, we need the sunscreen with a higher SPF because the Vietnamese sun is extremely harsh.

Northern Vietnam from November to March is in the cold weather, so it may not be too sunny. But If you’re in Northern Vietnam in the rest time of the year, daytime temperatures are almost 40 degrees Celsius. I myself live in Hanoi which is not a coastal city, but the sun in Hanoi at 8am is so bright that I can’t see anything, not to mention other coastal cities. Even when I wear the long sleeve shirt, sometimes I still feel my skin burn.

The weather of Central and Southern Vietnam during the whole year is the same as the weather in Northern Vietnam from April to October. Although I have a feeling that the sun here is not as harsh, sweltering and uncomfortable as the North of Vietnam, the temperature is still very high and ultraviolet rays can still be harmful to your skin.

So, please don’t forget to apply sunscreen, especially the sunscreen with the high SPF and you should reapplied often.

Don’t forget to bring sunscreen when going to the beach in Vietnam


People often use umbrellas under the rain. But in Vietnam, umbrellas are also used to block the sun.

About the rain in Vietnam, I think the rain season is usually from July to the end of the year, which depends on the destination you are going to. The heavy storms usually comes to the beaches of Northern and Central Vietnam in this time. I’m not sure about the rain or storm season in Southern Vietnam. But in conclusion, all of us should check the weather before traveling to somewhere, right?

The umbrella is not only used under the rain, but it is also used as an accessory for more photos, especially taking travel photos. So don’t be afraid of the weight and forget your umbrella.

Hats and the sunglasses

Beside the sunscreen and the umbrella, I have also mentioned the hats and the sunglasses.

Needless to say, almost everyone who goes to the beach wears this, both for sun protection and for taking super cool or pretty photos.

Hats and sunglasses when going to beach

Things related to swimming

People can bring floats, swimming caps, swimming goggles. These often come down to personal preference. But there is one thing that every girl at the beach can’t help but wear, that’s bikini.

Do you prefer one-piece or two-piece bikinis? Please share with me your favorite bikini styles, because maybe I will also buy according to your suggestions for better beach photos. So please leave a comment.

In case that you forget such things at home, don’t worry because you can also buy them right at the beach, but the price may be higher.

Don’t forget to bring bikini when going to beach in Vietnam

Towels or shawls

It is inconvenient if you finish swimming, get ashore and walk around in a state of drenched body. Prepare a large towel that can help you wrap around your body for warmth. Or you can prepare to replace it with a soft, colorful shawl depending on your preferences… The scarves will increase your charm on the beach.


It wouldn’t be nice if your trip was ruined by a fever or a seafood allergy. So bring first aid medicines to save life in time to enjoy the fun! If you travel by car or by boat, you should bring more medicine for motion sickness or seasickness when preparing for travel.

I usually bring medicine to use in case of getting fever, allergy and seasickness. If I forget to bring, I can buy from the medicine stores in the city. However, it’s the fact that not all the staffs of the medicine stores in Vietnam know foreign language like English or French or Chinese… So it may be more difficult for you to describe your situation. It is the best that you prepare your medicine by yourself.

Photographic accessories

If you miss such a beautiful scene, it’s only a pity, isn’t it? I think all of us don’t want to forget to bring the phone or the camera. Beside, you can also bring a selfie stick and a waterproof phone bag that can capture all your happy moments.

Oh, of course, you have to bring both a phone charger and a backup charger to avoid running out of battery in the middle of the fun.

Do you prefer film cameras, digital cameras or phones? If you are interested in film cameras or digital cameras, please give me a suggestion of a suitable camera for a beginner like me. Thanks.

Bring the camera when going to beach

Yeah, that’s all I can think of what a girl should bring when going to the beach in Vietnam. Do you have anythings else? Please tell me!

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