I know that everyone has different tastes in photography. There are people who like to take pictures of mountains and forests, there are people who like to take pictures in the sea, there are people who like to take pictures in caves. Such places are available in Vietnam, and they are quite unique. Therefore, I will list the most beautiful places to take photos when traveling to Vietnam that you may not know.

1. Ha Giang – the Northernmost of Vietnam

Ha Giang is in the Northeast region of Vietnam sharing a 270 km long border with Yunnan province of southern China.

Going to Ha Giang, you will be overwhelmed by a complex of majestic mountains, rugged terrain, with an average altitude of 800m to 1,200m above sea level. For every Vietnamese, this is the most worth-traveling place in the North. For those who love heights, especially climbing, this is definitely a place not to be missed.

You can refer to Ha Giang through the articles I have written in more detail here.

2. Quang Binh with the biggest caves

Quang Binh is a coastal province in the North Central region of Vietnam.

This province has both the sea and the mountains. But the most famous of Quang Binh province is probably the extremely monument caves.

Referring to Quang Binh, we cannot help but mention Phong Nha cave and Son Doong cave.

Phong Nha Cave is located in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, in Son Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province, about 45km northwest of Dong Hoi City. Phong Nha is really outstanding with a survey length of up to nearly 8km, many beautiful caves, eye-catching stalactites. All make up the majestic beauty, bringing a sense of excitement, relaxation and comfort to tourists coming here to visit.

Inside Phong Nha cave – Source: Shutterstock

Son Doong cave located in the core zone of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. It is a new cave discovered by the British Royal Cave Research Association. Son Doong cave was announced as the world’s largest cave in 2009-2010 with a volume of 38.5 million m3. This cave was put into operation in the form of adventure tourism since 2013. The tourism activities here are exploited to limit the number of participants. The number of people conquering Son Doong is now even much less than the number of people who used to stand on Mount Everest.

I haven’t had chance to come to Son Doong cave because visiting Son Doong requires strict physical fitness. But it is always on my list.

3. Quy Nhon and Phu Yen – the peaceful beaches

If you love the wildness of the sea, you cannot ignore Quy Nhon and Phu Yen.

Quy Nhon is a coastal city in Binh Dinh Province in central Vietnam. Phu Yen is a province which is about 100km far from Quy Nhon. These places are popular as the peaceful coastal lands where is somehow quiet but extremely romantic and suitable for those who want a short trip to enjoy the fresh sea breeze and whispering waves in the weekend.

Quy Nhon and Phu Yen do not have the busy and luxurious beaches with 5-star resorts (except for FLC resort, which seems to be the only 5-star resort here), but these places are still the favorite destinations of a lot of Vietnamese tourists.

I am sure that when you visit Quy Nhon and Phu Yen, you will take a lot of beautiful photos.

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4. Buon Me Thuot – City of coffee

This may be one of the incredible place to visit that you may not know when traveling to Vietnam.

Buon Ma Thuot is the capital city of Dak Lak province, Vietnam. This is the largest city in the Central Highlands. The city has an altitude of 536 m, about 1300 km from Hanoi, 350 km from Ho Chi Minh City, about 647 km from Da Nang.

In Buon Ma Thuot, the cultural space of gongs in the Central Highlands is expressed through language, performance style, … separate and unique, so it has been recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral Tradition and Heritage. intangible culture of humanity.

In Buon Me Thuot, you can visit Cluster of 3 waterfalls: Dray Sap, Dray Nur, Gia Long.

Dray-nur Waterfall – traveling to Vietnam

Besides, there is Mother Elephant Rock located in Lak district. It is the largest monolith in our country with a length of up to 200m and a height of more than 30m. Because of that, it has a shape almost like a big elephant, a symbol of the Central Highlands.

Mother Eelephant Rock – traveling to Vietnam

In this place, you can visit Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Museum. As the brainchild of the famous Vietnamese coffee brand – Trung Nguyen Coffee, the World Coffee Museum is a work with a modern look of Western architecture but still evokes familiarity with the house style of Highland Central. With many different areas such as exhibition area, light library, etc., this place promises to bring visitors unique and interesting experiences about coffee culture.

5. Da Nang with the Golden Bridge

When traveling to Vietnam, You must have heard of Da Nang with the Golden Bridge which is in Sun World Ba Na Hills – the most famous place to visit in Da Nang.

Coming to Ba Na Hills, you can visit not only the Golden Bridge, but also the flower gardens and the French Village where you can take a lot of incredible photos.

For more details about Da Nang, please read here.

Yeah, above is the amazing places to have great photos when traveling to Vietnam. When I have chance to travel more to take more photographs, I will update to you guys. Thanks for reading!

P/s: Recently, I have found a blog which is also about traveling to Vietnam here. I think it’s quite interesting, so you can try reading. Have fun.

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