Actually, I’m not a good writer, and I’m not the one to easily express my feelings. For these words I write, I probably just want to confide in the most sincere way about my feelings after the Ha Giang loop tour last year.

I’m not a person who travels much more or farther than anyone, that’s for sure because I’ve always lived in Hanoi so far. The frequency of traveling abroad, of course, cannot be compared with anyone. What I want to say is simply that when traveling in the country or abroad, the more I travel, the more things I realize from the scenery, the life, the monuments, the stories in those places that make the homeland love in me evokes more and more.

How to say it, if it is “evoking”, is it correct? Actually, patriotism, everyone must have it, I already have it, why say “evoking”? Oh, I don’t know how to express the words properly? It is true that in the past, I was lazy to study literature, so now the expression is really problematic. I mean, even though it’s hard to describe, I can understand why I have such feelings in my heart.

Last year, I went to Moc Chau for 2 days 1 night. Usually, from Hanoi to Moc Chau, people often rent a private car to go on their own, like a group of friends going together, right? But the last time I booked a tour of a travel company. During the journey to Moc Chau, the tour guide told me many stories of many regions. He told the whole group about the Bac Ninh folk song, about the process of building famous hydroelectric projects in our country. In addition, he also talked about the famous passes of the Northwest and Northeast, including the most dangerous road in Ha Giang.

After the journey to Moc Chau, I decided to go to Ha Giang to experience the Ha Giang loop tour, although I was a bit scared at first because I was a kid who prefer beaches to mountains. Traveling days in Ha Giang really make me unforgettable. The winding passes, the scary bends. Perhaps you and many people may not be afraid, but a coward like me is of course scared, especially when I heard about the road to ride a motorbike down the Nho Que river before.

However, overcoming my fear of heights, I had Ha Giang loop tour that I wrote about here: Traveling Ha Giang to enjoy the beauty of Northern Vietnam.

I thought back to the words the tour guide told the whole group when we went to Moc Chau. The tour guide is really knowledgeable. The information he provided suddenly reminded me that yes, the mountains here are so dangerous, the cliffs are hanging, the road is on one side of the cliff and the other is a deep abyss.

The dangerous of Ha Giang loop tour

So who created this path? Is it not like Lu Xun once wrote that if you keep going, what you have gone through will become a road? It’s not the way we’re going because people keep walking, but it can not become a road in Ha Giang. It is the effort of the previous generation, the workers who worked hard, industriously, not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of dangers and hardships 55 years ago to build the 185km long road. There were young volunteers who sacrificed themselves during the construction process, so that when the road was completed, which brought the new lives for the people in the high mountains here. When I think about it, maybe that’s when I suddenly feel the name: Ha Giang’s Happy Road.

The road was zigzag and a bit scary at first, but it only took a while for me to get used to it. Great beautiful road. The mountains are already majestic, but the construction seems to enhance that magnificence. The top of Ma Pi Leng Pass, Tham Ma Slope, Nine Block slope… all the photos I took up made me feel that Ha Giang was like a painting picture.

The road in Ha Giang

Although I am not a person who knows much about photography composition, and every photo I take, I have to edit it by using many apps and filters to correct the color, but this is the first time I take a photo without using too much. It is just simply because Ha Giang is so beautiful not only because of the natural landscape, but also because accompanying nature is the love to the homeland, to the country of the forefathers generation, the predecessors who spent their whole life to protect the country and build this wonderful Ha Giang.

Without the heroes who fought day and night to protect every piece of land of the Fatherland, of the young volunteers who did not regret their lives to build an incredible road like this, I certainly cannot live peacefully and travel to enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape like today.

The moment I wore a red flag with yellow star shirt and climbed up Lung Cu flagpole as well as the moment I arrived at Vi Xuyen Martyrs’ Cemetery, I promised that I must study hard and work hard to contribute to make the country more and more developed. It sounds like when I was in elementary school learning literature and then copying sample texts, but now I understand that I need to be like that, not just copying stereotyped sentences like when I was a kid.

In this blog post, I just take Ha Giang as an example to write down my feelings easily. I will take advantage of traveling to visit more to understand more, have a more diverse view, because I know my country is very beautiful. 

Well, those are just a few lines. Thank you to anyone who patiently sat down to read all my ramblings. Wish everyone the best!

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