If you are planning to travel to Vietnam, especially Northern Vietnam with the high mountains, I recommend Moc Chau Plateau besides Ha Giang as I have also written about. Traveling to Moc Chau is quite interesting that I have come here even two times in a year. And below is my top 5 places to visit in Moc Chau.

Moc Chau is a district belonging to Son La – a province of Northern Vietnam. It takes about 5 hours to drive with the distance of 200km from Hanoi. Moc Chau belongs to the highland landscape class in the horizontal classification system of Vietnamese landscape, with characteristics of climate, ecology and human life.

1. Thung Khe Pass

Thung Khe pass is not in Moc Chau, it belongs to Hoa Binh province. It takes about 120km from Hanoi. So on the way to Moc Chau, you can stop to have a rest in Thung Khe Pass and take some shots here because the fog is so incredible.

The most surprising thing is that the fog only appeared on a short stretch of the whole long road. The fog was so dense that I couldn’t see anything more than 2 meters away. Luckily, the camera was still able to catch some moment here.

Thung Khe pass – on the way from Hanoi to Moc Chau

2. Dai Yen Waterfall

The waterfall is located about 5 km from the center of Moc Chau district. When coming to the Pa Hang cross-border gate, you can go by car along the main road or you can follow the stream for about 4 km to the intersection of the two streams to reach Dai Yem waterfall.

I remember the last time I came here was in March. Unfortunately, at that moment, it was not the water season. That’s the reason why the waterfall does not seem to be very majestic.

Dai Yem Waterfall is most beautiful in April to October every year. I think you should choose this time to visit because at this time, the amount of water pouring in is a lot, the whole waterfall is a white curtain of water, both majestic and poetic.

The reason the waterfall is called Dai Yem is because according to legend, the waterfall is the bib strip of the girl who saved the boy from the flood.

Dai Yem Waterfall is more than 100 meters high and is divided into two parts. The upper waterfall is more than 70 meters wide and has 9 floors. The lower waterfall has only 5 floors and is about 200 meters away. The separation between the two parts of the waterfall is a flat land that is extremely convenient for tourists to visit and admire the beautiful scenery. This is absolutely one of the places to visit in Moc Chau that you will love.

Dai Yem Waterfall – Traveling Moc Chau

3. Glass bridge sightseeing area

There are three exit ways from the water fall that you can choose:

  • one way is for free walking;
  • one way is going through the glass bridge. You will have to buy a ticket with about 8$ as I remember.
  • One way is by the game swing through the mountains. I’m sorry I don’t know how to describe this in English but I think you will be interested in it.

I chose the easiest but most beautiful way and took many photos there, that was to go through the glass bridge.

The Glass Bridge from Dai Yem Waterfall

From the Glass Bridge, there is a way going down to the garden as you can see as in the below photo. 

The garden from below the Glass Bridge

4. The Ang Village

The Ang Village is seen as the small Da Lat of the Northern Vietnam. There are lake, Vietnamese pine forest, strawberry fields. You can have camping with friends and get relax in here.

The pine forest in Ang village has a mild climate and fresh air, creating a feeling of relaxation and comfort. The visitors will feel the change of weather all 4 seasons in one day.

The pine forest in Ang

Near the pine forest, there is a strawberry garden. The ripe red berries are carefully cared for, with a seductive aroma, sweet and sour taste. I think you can come to the Ang village before the end of March when strawberries are in full bloom. At this time you may have the opportunity to personally pick and enjoy cups of cool strawberry smoothies.

The strawberries garden in Ang Village

5. The green tea hills

Moc Chau is one of the places where you can find the best green and black tea in Vietnam, besides Thai Nguyen Province. This place owns more than 3,000 hectares of tea varieties, including ancient tea trees over 200 years old. Moc Chau tea is delicious but most famous for its heart-shaped tea hills, derived from the shape of tea plots planted. In terms of sensory, the tea beds here are planted according to contour lines, due to some natural or man-made depressions, the contour lines inadvertently create swirling tea beds in the shape of a heart.

From the gate to the tea hill, you can see 2 roads including green tea fields, peaceful scenery with farmers working hard. In the early morning, when we reach the top of the hill, we will have the opportunity to admire the clear and romantic scenery, extremely suitable for tourists who want to visit early morning dew.

There are two time frames of the day that are perfect for tourists: early morning dawn and late afternoon. Dawn is when the dew drops are still shyly lying on the delicate tea leaves. And when the sunset falls, the hot colors will paint a lyrical masterpiece of art.

The green tea hill in Moc Chau

Above is top 5 places to visit in Moc Chau – Northern Vietnam in my opinion. I hope that you will have good time visiting here. I also have summary video of the places in Moc Chau, you can watch it here. Have fun!

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